BACK TO THE RAW(volume 01)

The MOVE Project Team would like to thank each and every one of you, who attended our event on November the 11th 2017, at Romantso.

Every participant of that party has a share in the success of it! Your positive energy alongside the amazing smiles and smooth dancing moves resulted in what we can now refer to as “a night to remember.

Of course, our biggest round of applause goes to the wonderful DJs who made up the lineup. From our locals NTEBINT and AKYLLA all the way to our guest from the U.S., the legendary SADAR BAHAR!

Thumbs up, buckets of love and much appreciation for everyone who made this happen!

Our next MOVE is being planned and designed, in order to bring one more of those magical moments worth living for! News will shortly get to a computer or mobile screen close to you! Stay tuned!

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