With influences from the past and ideas towards the future, we present:

“Back to the Raw”







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Date : November 11

It’s a Saturday. We need your energy. We give you time for some rest after finishing your week’s duties before coming to our gig and we want to leave you some time to suck in the experience before going back to the daily routine.

Location : Athens

Romantso. In the heart of Athens. A location you have practiced your dancing skills before! A creative, artistic and culturally lovable spot. You’re going to be charmed!

Lineup : Secret

Three (3) DJs. Two Athenian top-notch professionals and a guest from the mother land of electronic music, Chicago! A man whose work has been a corner stone to the music we have in our hands today!

1st guest DJ : Chicago

Born in the US, his family got to Chicago during the late 60’s, early 70’s. He began his DJ pursuit as a child. Music had always been his passion and you would always find him hanging around the “old school” crowds, who played house. During that time, Chicago was full of DJs who played house and disco sounds. However, he chose a different direction playing rare, hard – to – find grooves. When some of the best, well – known, popular DJs whom he admired, referred to him as “a serious deep house music collector”… A monster was being born. As he used to say : “All I wanted to do, was to visit different record stores”.

Our guest developed an unquenchable desire to create one of the best collections ever. He soon realized that while he was out searching for the deepest house music, people had practically stopped playing music and instead, they were playing beat tracks only. Yet, they were referring to these tracks as house songs. This was (in his mind) not the “original” house music! So, he started a partnership, with a new idea back in the days, in order to develop unique sounds known as “SOUL IN THE HOLE” music! For them it was (and still is) “strictly vinyl (and vinyl only), as music is really the Universal language”..

2nd DJ : Athens

Our second DJ is from Athens. His success is still shining from the early 80’s, rocking dance floors from the “Big Apple” till today, downtown Athens! He was exposed to music at a very young age, mainly through his parents’ love for Latin, Jazz and Rock sounds. As a teenager he used to receive recorded sets in tape, through his relatives from NYC. These were tapes of weekend dance parties of the local radio stations from DJs like, Jelly Bean, Frankie Knuckles, Larry Levan and others. He then got to attend legendary clubs and parties abroad Greece such as Zanzibar, Shelter, Underground Network, Sound Factory, World, Save the Robots, Body & Soul and many more.

The early 90’s brought him back to Athens, with a mission to expose the locals to that underground New York sound, through his club and radio DJ sets. He collaborates with Magna promotion team as a resident DJ and got involved in the elite of the Underground legendary Greek House scene! We have plenty of beautiful memories while he was spinning at Paradizzio, The Lab, Cavo Paradiso and many more clubs in Greece alongside the legendary artists Little Louie Vega, Joe Claussell, Francois K. In these 25+ years of his career, he found himself playing in clubs all over the world such as Soul Heaven in London, Angels of Love (Napoli) and Shelter in NYC!

We are more than excited to listen to his story at our MOVE The project, while being part of “Back to the Raw” event!

3rd DJ : Athens

Our second Athenian DJ (and third of the night), is one of the most well known Greek radio producers, with releases on Warp Records. With his unique music selection, he has been teasing our ears many years now, throughout our daily routines. Driving the streets of Athens, listening to him in the car, has changed the whole experience to its maximum! On the other hand, his appearances in the booth (with his outstanding energy being his main characteristic) can move the floor insane due to his broad and enthusiastic musical gems! Meanwhile he has been focusing on the production (as a remixer), on tracks such us “The Rapture” and others by Alex Gopher and Chet Faker. His music found place in Australia (Bang Gang Records), France (Kitsuné Records) and many more.

Now he has a place in “Back to the Raw” by Move The Project and we are more than happy to present him on the 11th of November!

Extras & Tips :

  • Full visual effects by the usual suspect, member of our MOVE The Project.
  • Get ready for those chills!
  • Please follow the music, close your eyes, open your mind and forget about those mobile phones (pictures, video etc).
  • It’s time to get carried away for a while, without the daily routine distractions.

Trust us it’s much better like that!

With lots of positive energy, unity and warm feelings,
MOVE The Project Team

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